In Burkina Faso, the army announces that it has killed at least 50 terrorists

Published on : 10/05/2022 – 14:55Modified : 10/05/2022 – 22:12

This report was made public on Monday, May 9, 2022, by the Burkinabè army. These are two operations carried out in two different regions of the country.

A first army operation took place in the North-West, more precisely in the loop of Mouhoun. An ambush was allegedly carried out by a dozen people and the Garsi (Rapid Action Surveillance and Intervention Group) unit of Barani, according to the army staff, ” vigorously reacted ».

The army specifies that this unit has ” routed the attackers, neutralizing at least 40 terrorists “. Combat equipment was recovered following a search.

Frequent attacks

The second operation took place in the province of Poni, on the border with Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. This time, it was a unit of the 22nd infantry regiment of the Gaoua commando which was on the move, supported by the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland. The army indicates that ten suspected terrorists were ” neutralized and that weapons were seized during this operation. It is an area where the army encounters difficulties because it is confronted with all kinds of trafficking, as explained by Rodrigue Fahiraman Koné, principal researcher of the Sahel Program of the Institute for Studies and Security: “ It is trafficking in cigarettes and above all in chemical inputs that enter into the gold economy, the artisanal mining of gold. And this area has been connected with elements of Ansarul who have projected themselves towards the Ivorian border and are trying to operate in this area. »

In addition, the area, porous with neighboring countries and heavily wooded, complicates military operations. Finally, another difficulty arises from the community aspect: It is very difficult to distinguish criminal actors from local populations “, which also serve as a hiding place for bandits, continues the researcher.

Security is an important aspect for the president of the transition. In April, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Henry Damiba gave himself five months to obtain concrete results in terms of security. These communications therefore aim to show that there are convincing results », explains Rodrigue Fahiraman Koné. The observer notes that the authorities are still struggling to reconquer several parts of the territory. Attacks are common the last days. On Saturday, ten army auxiliaries and two civilians were killed in an ambush by suspected jihadists in the North.