In Chartres, the Foulées de la Cathédrale and the Foulées Roses return to the source

Three years later, the Strides of the Cathedral, co-organized by the ASPTT Chartres and The Republican Echo, are back in place. With one edition canceled in 2020, then another postponed in October 2021, contested at night, the emblematic race in the city center, accompanied by its little sister Les Foulées roses, regains its place in the calendar.

If the sun is announced at half mast, this Saturday, the 4,500 entrants will have the pleasure of setting off without headlamps and in mild temperatures. A happiness in itself.

Everything you need to know about the 27th edition of the Foulées de la Cathédrale

The Strides of the Cathedral (27th edition). The queen event reaches its 27th issue. Since 1995, only one edition has been canceled: that of the year Covid 2020. But the observation is undeniable. The shadow of the virus still hovers and it will have an impact on attendance again this year.

“We had 1,600 starters last year. There, it should be around 1,400. But it’s a general trend. The people of Protiming (the timekeeper of the event), involved in five to six events per weekend, certify it to us: there is up to a third of loss of attendance since last year, ”explains Patrick Esnault. , member of the ASPTT Chartres, co-organizer of the event with The Republican Echo.

popular event

Despite this downward trend, it is out of the question to sink into disaster. Quite the contrary. For this popular event par excellence, symbolized by its departure village, the enthusiasm will not be measured only in terms of level of commitments. Rue du Bourg and Saint-Eman, “Alpe d’Huez de la Beauce”, the public should once again be present.

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Stephen M’Passi’s 5 tips for a successful Stride of Chartres Cathedral

Especially since the Gods seem finally decided to give a boost to the organizers: “We are told of a nice thinning from 6 p.m. which will last until 11 p.m.! », Launches cautiously Patrick Esnault, who leads a team of 180 volunteers, all in battle order to implement the edition which will determine the successors of Sylvain Dodé and Julie Chuberre-Dodé (nevertheless uncertain), the title holders.

Practical – Strides from the cathedral (10 km). Departure from the media library at 8.30 p.m. Online registration until today, noon: €12. €18 on site, up to 30 minutes before departure, subject to availability. Withdrawal of bibs and registrations, from 10 am.

The Pink Strides (8th edition). This is the meeting that prefigures the queen event. Les Foulées roses, inaugurated in 2015 (then associated with the Chartres half-marathon), allow their participants, even non-athletes, to complete the standard course on two untimed formats.

The event, initiated and organized by The Republican Echoin partnership with the Peps association (Prevention education for health) and the ASPTT Chartres, can indeed be envisaged in two ways: a “walking only” time slot (from 2 to 6 p.m.) and another which allows adopt a “race” train, at 7 p.m.

Last year, this “general public” counterpart to the Foulées de la Cathédrale gathered 4,500 people (for a total of 6,017 “finishers” in the two events combined). Solidarity in addition to being popular: from each registration fee (10 €), 7 € are donated to the Peps association for the fight against cancer.