In Chartres, the inhabitants of Clos celebrated their neighborhood this Sunday

The inhabitants of the Clos district gathered, this Sunday, May 29, throughout the day, to celebrate the third edition of Clos en fête, after two years of absence.

“We were impatient to meet today”, specifies the president of the citizen council of Clos, Jean-Louis Benarab.

The associations “which bring the neighborhood to life” all participated “in this day of celebration. »

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“The order of the day is celebration and conviviality”

“A neighborhood is not just concrete. With this intergenerational gathering, we create links between the inhabitants. We also connect new residents with old ones. Our neighborhood is changing, it must not lose its identity. »

Jean-Louis Benarab (president of the Clos citizens’ council)

On the program: demonstration of Capoeira, country, Caribbean and African dance, but also tasting and snacks. “The order of the day is celebration and conviviality. »

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And for the youngest, creation of mosaics with the 3R association, free access to the Chartres boxing ring, handball and circus workshops. These activities punctuated the day.

Jade Saved

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