In China, a new wave of COVID is forecast with an estimated 65 million infections

China is preparing for a new wave of covid infections that could reach the 65 million cases per week by the time the rise peaks in late June, the respiratory disease specialist estimated Zhong Nanshan at a medical conference this week in the southern city of Guangzhou.

According to state media, he told the audience that the wave that began in late April was “anticipated” and that his modeling suggested that China may be approaching the 40 million infections per week. By the end of June, he said, the weekly number of infections will peak at 65 million.

The United States, by comparison, reported more than 5 million cases. per week at its peak last January, NBC News reported.

Zhong told a medical conference that the government had given preliminary approval to two vaccines targeting subvariantes XBB, that are already circulating in the US, and that others could be approved soon.

Zhong pointed out that in total they hope to launch four different vaccines, as reported by the Chinese media South China Morning Post, although he maintained that it is not clear when these doses will begin to be applied.

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2023-05-25 19:44:32

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