In China, an AI was named CEO of a company

The humanoid artificial intelligence, Madame Tang Yu, has taken over as the head of a subsidiary of the video game company Net Dragon Websoft.

Science fiction is often wary of robots or AI who would like to take power over humans, yet in China it is already becoming a reality. Net Dragon Websoft has entrusted its subsidiary in Fujian to Tang Yu, an artificial intelligence. A first in the world.

No need for a break, no salary

“Tang Yu will help us with management and administration as well as operational issues, because we are already using artificial intelligence in many internships to develop our business,” explained Simon Leung, vice president of the company. Unlike a human CEO, Tang Yu doesn’t need to take a break, sleep, or get a salary and bonuses.

His role will be to optimize the various processes to improve the quality and speed of execution of tasks. It will also be able to gather data and analyze it to make day-to-day decisions and better anticipate risks. More surprisingly, a press release from the company specifies that it expects AI to “plays a critical role in talent development” et “ensures that the business is fair and efficient for all employees”.

Net Dragon Websoft does not intend to stop there

For the company’s leader, Dr. Dejian Liu, the arrival of Tang Yu is just the beginning: “We believe AI is the future of business management and the appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to using AI to transform the way we run our business. […] Going forward, we will continue to develop our algorithms beyond Tang Yu to create an open, interactive and highly transparent management model, as we gradually transform into a working community based on the metaverse. » According to him, the use of the metaverse in companies in the coming years will make it possible to recruit and work more efficiently around the world, therefore to have better results internationally.

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