In Como the ‘protogrillino’ Rapinese wins: he has defeated right and left. But he doesn’t celebrate: ‘City has problems about problems to solve’

“In the first round I had voted Barbara Minghetti”Confides a citizen of Como a few hours after counting. “This time I voted Rapinese instead, because the city needs one jolt“. A reasoning that must not have remained isolated, if the candidate of the center left stopped at 44.64%, taking over 800 votes in less than two weeks ago. So, in the end, the jolt came: Alessandro Rapinesea 46-year-old real estate agent, of which the last 14 spent opposing the city council, succeeded in the much-desired enterprise in the electoral campaign: “To the opposition, chase the others, the evil parties who tore the city to pieces ”. And the opposition ended up there first Brothers of Italy, Lega e Come on Italywhich for a series of internal disputes had not nominated the outgoing mayor Mario Landriscina, but Giordano Molteni, former mayor of a small town on the outskirts of Como. And now (thanks to 14,067 votes, 5,624 more than the first round) Rapinese, supported only by the civic list in his name, ends up in the opposition as well Pdtogether with the allies Green Europe, Article One, the Italian Left, Action, Italia Viva, + Europa and Volt, as well as that little piece of M5S who, clashing with various local representatives, had decided to support Minghetti, but without a symbol and with only one candidate on the list.

Rapinese is a kind of “protogrillino”, As someone defines it for the intransigence shown in years of opposition. An intransigence already in a nutshell when in the fourth grade he applies to the school council together with only one partner with whom he creates the list “Polenta Inch“: A name – he says – to underline” the distance from the ‘bald’ lists of the left, which spoke of issues that we did not even know, such as wars in Lebanon e Israeli-Palestinian tensions, and from those on the right having as a background the antipathy for the foreigner and some ‘nice’ reference to the Duce ”. To the other students he talks about heaters to be reviewed and broken chairs to be fixed: “We bring serious and concrete issues to the center of the student debate, where we really could do a lot by trying to open the eyes of our ‘voters’ to the fact that in Israel and Palestine , with all the good will, they would not have given a damn about our sit-ins “. Result? Rapinese beats the competition with over the80% of the voteswinning all four seats even though the candidates are just him and his listmate.

As then, Rapinese beat their opponents today as well. And he did it without winking, before the ballot, at the parties of center right. But that most of Molteni’s votes would go to him, it was rather obvious, given that among Rapinese’s themes there are some, such as safety, dear to that pool of voters. And it was no surprise to hear a Matteo Salvini that “it is always right to vote and therefore surely if I were in Como I would not vote on the left”. It was less obvious that the turnout would drop from 44.33% two weeks ago to 35.76% yesterday. And that some votes from those who initially chose Minghetti could also flow towards Rapinese. Evidently a part of the left did not like the fact that she, an outgoing city councilor and manager in the cultural field, has conducted an electoral campaign more and more in the shadow of the Democratic Party. And he showed off his links with the economic powers, as in a couple of appointments in May at Yacht Club di Comoin which Minghetti participated together with Corrado Passeranow number one of the Illimity bank, a Giuseppe Guzzetti, former president of the Cariplo Foundation, and Remo Ruffini, CEO of Moncler. It is therefore no coincidence that in the aftermath of the first round, the other center-left candidate for mayor, Adria Bartolich, former parliamentarian of the PDS and DS and former secretary general of the CISL of Como and Varese, had her photograph taken while shaking Rapinese’s hand. And if Roberto Adducci, candidate for mayor of the Popular Assemblies Committee and expression of Fridays for Futureexplained his support for Rapinese as follows: “Visions and opposing thoughts, but it is my morality that chooses”.

Yesterday, when the electoral result was starting to consolidate, Rapinese went out of the cemetery: “Ten minutes to try to talk to my parents, lost when I was 17 and 20,” he told reporters. Then, “for superstition”, He says he knocked on the lady who two weeks ago discovered him crouched under the windowsill while he listened to the updates on the naked from the TV on, since she had decided to turn off her cell phone. After the night is over, now is the time to get down to business: “I think I’ve taken the vows of people who want a change. There is nothing to celebrate, the city has problems upon problems to solve”.