In Crimea, planes are trying to cause rain


The rains came to Crimea

Due to a prolonged drought, the peninsula has a catastrophic water situation. They are trying to cause precipitation artificially.

Due to the lack of water in the Crimea, they are trying to artificially cause precipitation with the help of the Yak-42D aircraft, Interfax reports on Wednesday, September 30.

“We work with clouds, but they are not all suitable – there must be certain parameters. I want to say that the situation is extraordinary. The development of weather is clearly abnormal – there are very few suitable clouds,” said Bagrat Danelian, head of the center for physics of clouds and active influences of the Central Upper-Air Observatory.

It is noted that the clouds in Crimea have been observed since September 10, but only now a number of suitable clouds have appeared.

“One cloud can double the amount of precipitation, but there are not so many such clouds – 30-40%,” the specialist noted.

Danelam noted that the problem with precipitation in Crimea cannot be solved with the help of an airplane.

He said that the clouds are exposed to silver iodide in a small dosage. It is safe both for the environment and for human consumption, he assured.

It should be noted that after a long time, rains began in Crimea, which flooded the streets of Kerch, Simferopol and Sevastopol.

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