In Daugavpils, the driver of “Honda” drives an insult to the police and gets to the protocol

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Photos published on social networks show that a driver had to remove the English word “F ** k the police” from the rear windshield of a vehicle in the presence of the police.

Ilga Teivāne-Treinovska, Assistant to the Head of the Latgale Region Office of the State Police, confirmed that a report on an unworthy sticker on the rear window of a car has been drawn up for a driver of a Honda car in Daugavpils.”/>

The law on petty hooliganism provides for a fine of 70 to 500 euros. (Photo: Eyewitness photo)

On June 19, a driver of a “Honda” vehicle was stopped in Daugavpils, for whom administrative violation reports on petty hooliganism and non-use of a seat belt were drawn up.

An administrative violation report on leaving the vehicle without a police permit has also been drawn up for the passenger of the car.

The law on petty hooliganism provides for a fine of 70 to 500 euros. The police did not reveal whether the punishment had already been imposed on the driver.

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