In Demonschool, school is literally hell

As teenagers, most of us thought going to school was one of the most horrible things there was. But unless you had a very special childhood, that time wasn’t as tough as Faye’s.

Because when she goes to a prestigious university, she constantly comes into contact with supernatural forces that target the human world. Fortunately, as the youngest member of a family of demon hunters, Faye is equipped to tackle this problem, along with the new friends she makes on campus.

Destin is the traditional damage dealer, aligning themselves with Faye, while they are supported by Namako’s debuffs and Knute’s buffs in combat that falls under the tactics heading, but also emphasizes making combos. However, this is not the only help you will receive, as you are also just a student. Go to classes to develop skills, socialize with your fellow students and make new friends and allies, making you better prepared when the next attack comes. And of course, romance also comes into play, allowing you to see different endings.

“We wanted to make a completely transparent game, while at the same time having mystery,” writes Bradon Sheffield, Creative Director at developer Necrosoft Games. “You will never have to guess or guess who is doing what. We hope you took the story with you to a positive vision for the future and what is possible when like-minded individuals come together against a greater evil.”

Do you want to unravel the secrets of Demon School? Then you will have to be patient for a while. The game will not be released until next year for all relevant platforms, including Verified for Steam Deck.