In Dijon, “Éthicofil” puts around thirty people back on the path to employment each year

On the occasion of the 6th “days of the economy otherwise” this Friday and Saturday and of the month of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), spotlight in our News Eco on “Ethicofil”. It is a work integration project carried out by an association based in Les Grésilles which each year hires around thirty people excluded from employment on “CDDi” contracts. “Fixed-term employment contracts” of 4, 8 or 12 months.

Arnaud Grognet
Arnaud Grognet © Radio France
Thomas Nougaillon

Arnaud Grognet, judge that there would be each year “75% of positive outputs” of the system and that of these 75% of people in difficulty spent in this ethical call center: a third would find a CDD, a third a CDI and for the last third a qualifying training. Sometimes with some great successes as explained by the director of Ethicofil.

An example of success

“For example, there is this person who came to us on a fixed-term contract for a post of telephone advisor to try to promote his return to employment. His perspective in life was at best to become a medical secretary. I knew his skills, he was told. restored confidence and at the end of his stint at Ethicofil this person returned to a qualifying training course in 3D modeling in the building industry. “ Arnaud Grognet welcomes this: “This shows that when we meet the conditions so that people can – in a way – give birth on their own, it can lead to great projects”.

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The improvement after great difficulties

Like all integration projects, Ethicofil operates with 70% public subsidies (Departmental Council, state aid in particular) and 30% private money. Last year, one of these sources of funding was slow in coming, calling into question the sustainability of the association and of this integration project. The structure was even placed in judicial recovery. But things are much better today! And Ethicofil even plans to put around sixty people back on the path to employment in 2022.