In Dijon, Marine Le Pen castigates the “community fever” and calls for a “moratorium on immigration”

Like a presidential campaign. Barely published on social networks, new videos of clashes and community provocations shot in the city of Dijon, in Burgundy, were enough, this Tuesday morning, to convince Marine Le Pen to make a jump there after. noon even to hold a press conference.

Despite the attack on his convoy by militants «Antifa», the president of the National Rally was able to castigate on the spot, “Communitarian fever” which, according to her, seems to affect the country. “France, which thought quietly to come back to life after a period of imposed confinement, woke up in the vociferations of an indigenous hatred. This racial hatred under the guise of anti-racism. This anti-French communitarian hatred, all accompanied by urban violence ”, she snapped. Seeming to target on the same level the Traoré committee at the origin of the mobilizations in recent days and the Chechen and Maghreb bands behind the brawls in Dijon or Nice.

“We no longer know if we are in the Far West or in Baghdad, in Clockwork Orange or in Mad Max”, she insisted before vilifying “the silence and inertia of a sleepwalking government.» Throwing right and left back to back in the responsibility for this “Descent towards a decivilized, ultraviolet society, opposed to the fairy tale of living together which has fed public sermons to the point of disgust”, Marine Le Pen came above all to promote her own proposals. Many of them come from action books on justice, the suburbs, asylum and immigration presented over the past two years, or the most recent white paper on security.

Among these measures are a “Moratorium on immigration”, a plan to reconquer neighborhoods with the establishment, on site, of agents of the intelligence services, tax investigations on “Suspicious lifestyles” like the expulsion of foreign criminals. Against the perpetrators of violence or offenses, “Residence cards must be withdrawn, asylum rights must be canceled, stay bans must be pronounced, expulsions from the territory must be carried out”, she listed in order to highlight the responsibility of immigration in the surge of violence of recent days.

“It is still possible to control the situation, but for how long? The moment is pressing. Each meter of lost ground makes the recovery more complex. This will to reconquer, the RN embodies it and will have the courage to implement it ”, thus defended the candidate declared for the next presidential election. Before tackling this “Other candidate who [en 2017] embodied the modernity of post-national societies. And which left the country in the process of deconstruction to drift towards internal destabilization. “

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