In Dresden and Chemnitz: ver.di plans day care center strike on Maundy Thursday | Regional

Dresden/Chemnitz – Parents should plan an extended Easter weekend this year! The service trade union ver.di is calling on day-care center staff in Dresden and Chemnitz to go on strike on Maundy Thursday (April 14).

As justification, ver.di refers to the “unsuccessful” second round of collective bargaining for around 330,000 employees. One was “massively” disappointed with the employer side.

“Our members are really upset and willing to continue working towards a good negotiation outcome. Strikes are a last resort, but a necessary one,” said union secretary Daniela Kocksch.

In Dresden, educators should meet on Maundy Thursday between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on the Königsufer. The Chemnitz strike is planned at the same time at the union building (Augustusburger Straße).

Ver.di calls for better working conditions, measures to combat the shortage of skilled workers and, of course, more money in collective bargaining.