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In England, even scientists are divided on lifting the restrictions on Covid-19 / Article

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As of July 19, all restrictions on Covid-19 that were intended to limit the spread of Covid-19 were lifted in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland plan to lift the restrictions a little later. However, thoughts on this step are shared not only by citizens but also by scientists.

In England, the lifting of all restrictions on Covid-19 is of particular interest in Europe. In essence, this is a large experiment that could provide an understanding of how the increasing prevalence of the more contagious delta variant of Covid-19 and the vaccination of the population against the virus will be balanced. In England, 70% of the population have received at least one vaccine and 54% have been fully vaccinated.

It was precisely because of the coverage of vaccination that the government decided to lift all restrictions in England, including wearing masks, calling for work from home and also opening nightclubs. Already at midnight, some nightclubs opened their doors with big applause. Among the first visitors were young people who turned 18 during the pandemic and had never been to a nightclub in their lifetime.

There is also no need to wear face masks on London buses and the Tube. However, many continue to do so because it has been called for by the Labor mayor of London, so he is in opposition to Boris Johnson’s government.

In Britain, there are differences of opinion about whether lifting restrictions is premature, not only among politicians, but also among the people themselves and scientists.

Neil Ferguson, one of Britain’s most famous epidemiologists, said: “I think it’s almost certain that we will have 1,000 hospitalizations a day. And we will almost certainly reach 100,000 cases a day. But the question is whether it will double or increase even more. And that’s where the crystal ball starts to disappoint us. “

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The British hope that two factors – the good vaccination rates and the school holidays, which will start this week – will save them, because it is teenagers who have been sick the most recently.

Professor Ferguson also pointed out that whether the lifting of restrictions will be so successful will be seen only in mid-August or September. He also drew attention to the fact that a quarter of those with Covid-19 with symptoms develop it into long Covid-19. In Britain, it affects one million people, and the number could rise by another half a million.

Interestingly, despite the lifting of all restrictions, even vaccinated travelers from France have to observe 10 days of self-isolation. Both British travel companies and travelers are very dissatisfied and confused. By the way, those who have a positive Covid-19 test or who live with someone who has a positive Covid-19 test still have self-isolation in England.


In the British part of England, almost all restrictions imposed by Covid-19 have been lifted since 19 July. At the same time, the number of new infections in the country is growing rapidly.

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