In Estonia they did not want to sign a statement against “Nord Stream-2”

In Estonia they did not want to sign a statement against
 “Nord Stream-2”

23:58 03/12/2018 (updated: 00:00 13/03/2018 ) 9646 4 68 Tallinn, March 12 – RIA Novosti. The head of the national parliament of Estonia Eiki Nestor refused to sign together with all the statement of the Baltic countries and Poland against the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, Sputnik Estonia . The State Department acknowledged that the blocking of the “Nord Stream-2” will not change the policy of the Russian Federation
According to the Estonian Chancellery’s office, Nestor was to be in Vilnius on the day of signing the statement on March 11, at the celebration of the centenary of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence.
Later Nestor explained why he did not sign the document together with other countries on March 11 and did it only the next day. “The reason I am doing this today is simple: on behalf of the Estonian state, I sign only those statements I read in advance.” This statement was developed jointly by Lithuania and Poland, and only this morning I received his text, which I now decided to join, – wrote Eiki Nestor in a letter published by the Chancellery of the Parliament. The State Department warned of the consequences of the “Nord Stream-2” for the EU and the US
“Estonia views Nord Stream 2 as a political project,” Nestor said.
Experts also call another reason for the lack of a signature of Estonia under the critical document, adopted by the speakers of the parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, critical of the “Nord Stream-2”. As Sputnik Estonia, the director of the analytical department of the company Alpari, Alexander Razuvaev, said in such statements there is no practical sense: “A similar reaction was in these countries when the first Nord Stream gas pipeline was being constructed.” It is clear that they do not like the gas pipeline past them “.
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