In Faridpur, the Bailey Bridge is closed for repair work, the suffering is extreme

At the beginning of Ramadan, the repair work of Alimuzzaman Bailey Bridge, the busiest in Faridpur, has started. As a result, traffic over the bridge has been closed. The city dwellers have suffered.

The concerned authorities say that the restoration work has started in the interest of the people as the bridge has been damaged. This work will continue for a few more days. As a result, the city dwellers will have to face a little problem during these few days.

It has been found that this bridge, which is the most widely used for the daily commute of the city dwellers, was built in 1935. The then District Board Chairman Alimuzzaman Chowdhury Kumar was the first to build this bridge over the river. This bridge, cast in stone on iron pillars, collapsed in the 1988 flood.

Haji Shariatullah Bazar, one of the commercial hubs of Faridpur, is on one end of the bridge on Mujib Road over the Kumar River and Newmarket and Titumir Bazar area on the other end. Vehicles and people used to pass through this bridge over the river Kumar, which flows through the city, but it was closed after it was damaged by the floods of 1988. After that, the bridge is only accessible on foot. After another Bailey Bridge was built there, it collapsed in an accident in 2012.

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After that, the Faridpur Road and Township Department renovated the 91-meter long Alimuzzaman Bailey Bridge over the Kumar River at a cost of Tk 2.3 million and arranged for the movement of people. People of the city travel this way if necessary.

Common residents demand that the Bailey Bridge be removed and a full-fledged bridge be constructed there.

It has been seen on the ground that the road and township department has stopped the traffic on this Bailey bridge of Kumar Nadar and started the repair work there. Repair work started from Wednesday. It will take a few more days to complete the work. As a result of the closure of the bridge, boat traffic has started there as an alternative. Others are walking across the bridge at risk. People of the city usually use the Alimuzzaman Big Bridge on the Alipur-Gwalchamot road or the twin bridges on the East Khabaspur-Rathkhola road to go to Haji Shariatullah Bazar.

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Mozammel Haque Mithu, a resident of Jhiltuli in the city, told Jago News that we have to travel a long way to go to the market due to the closure of the bridge. And the only fish market in the city is Haji Shariatullah Bazar.

Shamim Hossain, a resident of East Khabaspur Mohalla of the city and Sohel Ahmed of Munsibazar told Jago News that if this bailey bridge of Faridpur is lifted and a paved bridge is made there, it will not only facilitate the movement, but also the traffic congestion will be eased from the entrance of Haji Shariatullah Bazar to the junction of the broken road at the old bus stand.

General Secretary of Faridpur Press Club Kamruzzaman Sohel told Jago News that the bail bridge should be removed and a big bridge should be made one-way. By doing this, the footpath from Raffles Inn intersection to Janata Bank intersection will be free of encroachment and the movement of people will be easier.

In this regard, the executive engineer of Faridpur road and township department. Imran Farhan Sumail said, rust has fallen on the panel. Apart from this, some other renovation work has to be done. It will take four to five days to complete the repair.

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