In France, a third of men do not wash their hands after using the toilet

Illustration of a person washing his hands. – Yelena Afonina / TASS / Sipa USA / SIPA;

Men and senior people in France. According to a large survey by the Ifop institute for the newspaper The Parisian, while hygienic practices have made great strides since the 1950s, washing hands regularly or changing underwear daily is not yet popular, especially among older adults.

Three out of four French people wash completely every day

In 1951, half of French people did not wash daily because only one in 10 households had access to a bathroom. Today, 76% of the population performs a full toilet each day. Women are more conscientious than men (81% versus 71%). For people over 65, daily showering is optional: half of women and two thirds of men do without it. Joy of retirement and no longer worrying about the look – or rather the smell – of others.

Hand washing not systematic after toilets or the metro

A quarter of women and a third of men do not wash their hands after using the toilet or before cooking. Only a third of the population wash their hands after taking public transport. That means we all ate at a friend’s house who cooked after getting back on the subway and going to the throne.

Half of men over 65 do not change their pants every day

Today, more than 90% of women change their pants every day, regardless of age. In men, they are only 73%. And there are large age disparities, from over 80% among those under 49 to just 50% among seniors. “Do older people smell bad?” Asked the New york times last year. Apparently, the question divides scientists.




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