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Home Entertainment In front of ten Frenchmen, Edouard Philippe in an "intense" televised debate

In front of ten Frenchmen, Edouard Philippe in an "intense" televised debate

Edouard Philippe. – ISA HARSIN / SIPA

Direct exchanges, often brutal and abrupt: Edouard Philippe found himself on the defensive Wednesday night during a debate and "intense" on the set of LCI and RTL against ten French, including the "yellow vest" Ingrid levavasseur.

An 88-year-old retiree dissatisfied with the deindexing of pensions, a 33-year-old restaurant owner decided to leave with the "scalp" of the head of the government, a public service contract worker who is angry about 80 km / h for his 120 kilometers daily: the small panel concocted by the news channel has often put the head of government in position of "accused", noted the editorialist of the Figaro Yves Thréard. An "intense" but not "violent" debate, summed up Edouard Philippe in his conclusion.

No return of the increase of the carbon tax of 2020

Quasi absence of workers in Parliament, benefits of the former presidents of the Republic, private theft of 350,000 euros to win two hours on the return from New Caledonia … The functioning of the institutions and the lifestyle of the state dominated the first part of the show, where Edouard Philippe sometimes appeared sullen, his head resting on his fist.

"Sir, are you also like Mr. Mélenchon, you are sacred? Asks one of the guests. "We cut off the heads of kings and we put little marquises", plague Fabrice Schlegel, business leader of the Jura especially reassembled, speaking of politicians. "It is not illegitimate or scandalous to ensure that those who have been Presidents of the Republic have a retirement pension and can live decently," said Philip, while admitting that the benefits of former leaders of the State and their costs in millions of euros "shock".

A few hours after Emmanuel Macron in the Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister closed the door to a return of the increase in the carbon tax from 2020, an increase at the origin of the crisis of the "yellow vests" and which was to represent a tax revenue of more than 10 billion euros by 2022.

"I always try to be very careful about how I express myself"

The crisis of "yellow vests", "I do not see that we can get out by increasing other taxes or the same," admitted the head of government. When asked about Emmanuel Macron's polemical short sentences, the Prime Minister contrasted himself by displaying his own cautious expression.

"You may have noticed that I always try to be very careful about the way I express myself because I know that a phrase spoken in a place to someone who is not necessarily scandalous in the context, can then give something obviously shocking, "he replied to a former long-term unemployed woman, angry at Emmanuel Macron's little sentence saying that it was enough to" cross the street "to" find work ".

Violence, "but if it's serious! "

If he confirmed the burial of the carbon tax, the Prime Minister has closed the door to any amnesty for those convicted of violence during the demonstrations of "yellow vests". An idea carried by Ingrid Levavasseur, figure of the "yellow vests" which announced on the set that it broke with the project of list to the European of the "Rally of initiative citizen" (RIC).

"When you see people ransacking the Arc de Triomphe, I have no desire to tell them," Come on, that's okay. " When you see people attacking police officers and gendarmes, when you see the man who burned the Sentinel forces truck in front of the Eiffel Tower, (…), you would like this man to be told, "Okay, it is not serious" ? But if it's serious! Replied Philippe.

The former mayor of Le Havre has also mysteriously evoked his future: "I know very well what I will do after being Prime Minister, it will have little to do with politics, and it will do me very well," he assured. The Prime Minister also returned to the appointment of his former mentor Alain Juppé to the Constitutional Council, hailing "a very good news for the Republic."


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