In front of these films Avengers: Infinity War trembles at the worldwide box office


Avengers: Infinity War dominates the global box office. But that does not mean that the Marvel movie is automatically the most successful one of the year. That could also be these films.

Avengers 3: Infinity War has spent more than $ 1,665 million worldwide in the three weeks since he appeared in theaters. Maybe the strip also creates the $ 2 billion hurdle. That will be scarce. There are already other films in the pipeline that will steal one or the other of the nineteenth strip of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and perhaps knock it off the throne. We have listed some of the stripes for you. Deadpool & Solo – Close by is also over Who believes Deadpool 2 (German theatrical release: 17.05.2018) could pass on Avengers: Infinity War, who has certainly made a joke. If the superhero movie earns over $ 800 million in the worldwide box office, that’s a tremendous success. After all, this is an R-rating film that naturally attracts fewer viewers to the screens and is not even shown in some regions. Also Solo: A Star Wars Story (German theatrical release: 24.05.2018)

It will be hard to skip the $ 1 billion hurdle, and if it succeeds, it would be a very good result. The complicated production history has deterred many fans in advance. In addition, Star Wars is now a franchise among many and the glitz of days gone by has worn off.
The Jurassic World dinos make Avengers: Infinity War competition If on 06.06.2018 Jurassic World 2: The Fallen Kingdom starts in our cinemas, the first real competition comes to the Avengers. The predecessor of 2016, the Avengers this week in the list of the most successful films in the international box office to overtake. The potential for the sequel, however, is enormous: The $ 1 billion mark is expected to be reached quickly. If dimensions are obtained as predecessor should be 1.7 billion in it. That could lead to a head-to-head race of superheroes and dinos. There is one winner in any case: Chris Pratt. The supposedly small super heroes make for cash again at Disney With The unbelievable 2 the small, animated superheroes in the USA start already on 15.06.2018, in Germany only on 27.09.2018. The original dates back to 2004 and earned over 633 million dollars worldwide. The box office result for the sequel should be much higher. After all, the fathers and mothers can indulge in nostalgia, when they go to the movies with their children. At the same time the strip continues the superhero wave for the small audience and attracts a new generation of moviegoers. Again, there is already a winner and it is Disney, the crown of the most successful studio of the cinema year is no longer likely to take.
Andy Serkis in the jungle is still hard to assess We know a lot about Mogli (German theatrical release:

25.10.2018) not yet. The fact is that Andy Serkis directs us and one grim, serious filming of the jungle book wants to present. On the one hand, this could deter families from enjoying the weekly movie screening of this film, but on the other hand, luring other target groups off the screens. If a similar result as in the last jungle book film adaptation of the year 2016, then here also 1 billion dollars is quite possible. Fantastic beasts always play in the upper box office area The new film series did not get into Harry Potter Box Office. That could be but with Fantastic Beasts 2: Grindelwald’s crime change, which starts in Germany on 15/11/2018. The star power with

Eddie Redmayne,
Jude Law and Johnny Depp are enormous, as is the number of fantastic beings. In addition, Part 1 has presented a new world in which the fans were initially skeptical. Now it is established and many are eagerly awaiting further adventures of the wizard.
Will the yellow and black Autobot Bumblebee rock? Christmas time wants us Bumblebee (German theatrical release: 20.12.2018) lure in the cinemas. Experience has shown that the Transformers franchise at the box office is very successful, but with a downward trend. The yellow-black Autobot spin-off could be a reboot, because the strip relies on child friendliness and for the appropriate season comes to the movies. For all the other films that will be released by the end of 2018, we do not see the potential for them to come anywhere near the box office results of Avengers: Infinity War. Should you disagree, we look forward to your comments. What do you think: Will one of these films succeed in bumping Avengers: Infinity War from the box office throne?


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