GÓMEZ PALACIO, Dgo. (OEM) .- Fuels continue to rise in the lagoon region, because a week away the price of gasoline has increased up to 1.4 percent per liter, increasingly affecting the family economy.

A week in which the school cycle is restarted where many of the parents have to use the vehicle more for the fact of taking their children to the schools, this will obviously cause them an increase in their expenses.

It was possible to corroborate during the morning of this Sunday that the price of Premium gasoline ranged between 20.46 pesos and up to 20.57 pesos per liter, that of consuming 30 liters in a week with the last price, the consumer should pay out 617.10 pesos .

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Last week the price of gasolines like Premium was between 20.28 pesos per liter until 20.33, while Magna from 18.94 to 18.95 pesos and Diesel at 19.84 pesos per liter at the different service stations of Gómez Palacio.

It is fair to remember that since last January and the date, the increase has been considerable, because the cost of fuel was 16.85 la Magna, while the Premium was 18.47 pesos per liter, but at 8 months 12 days, the Premium came around 20 pesos with 50 cents.

Based on the above, many Mexicans wonder where are the benefits that were announced with the implementation of the energy reform, because instead of lowering or at least stabilizing the price, the opposite happens, as it keeps increasing daily to the detriment of consumers.


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