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In high schools, the big tohu-chut

For fear of violence, teachers and supervisors of the Lycée Victor Hugo in Marseille, are planting in numbers in front of their chest for a week. "The presence of adults is the best way to avoid incidents and overflows. Obviously, it does not work every time, but it limitsexplains one member of the teaching team. Thursday in Garges-lès-Gonesse (Val-d'Oise), the teachers also spread the word to come en masse and try to calm an extremely tense situation: the day before, one of their students was wounded in the face by a bullet thrower shot. In the XXe Paris district, in front of Ravel high school, they are parents who came "In mediators".


Day after day, the high school movement hardens. The latest count of the ministry reported 360 high schools blocked or disrupted Thursday. This is more than the previous days, when the figure communicated was around 200, out of the 4,000 high schools in the country. But more than the number of blockages, it is the turn of the mobilization that worries, with in some very violent clashes between police and youth. In addition, according to AFP "Source at the Ministry of the Interior", more than 700 high school students were arrested in France for Thursday alone.

"There are real factors of concern. We face situations of extreme violence, as we have never known in the National EducationGabriel Attal, Secretary of State in charge of Youth, told the Minister of Education in an interview with Release. Thursday morning, for example, a call for guerrillas was launched on social networks in Clermont-Ferrand. In Vénissieux, near Lyon, "Individuals physically attacked National Education personnel whom they pushed to the ground and sprinkled with gasoline. The limits of the tolerable are far exceeded and we call everyone to the responsibility.

The situation is also very tense in Toulouse, Lille and the Paris region, in Yvelines, Val-d'Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis. At La Courneuve, "Hooded individuals threw Thursday morning Molotov cocktails and glass bottles on the CRS," Gabriel Attal, who adds that a crisis unit has been activated for a week, in connection with the Ministry of the Interior, for "React as quickly as possible". In Mantes-la-Jolie, 148 people were arrested in one and the same high school … The police commissioner wanted "Interrupt an uncontrolled process", he told AFP.


In a statement, the Federation of Parents of Students (CIPF) regrets that "The government has failed to stop the spiral of high school violence. For three weeks, the situation in front of the establishments has continued to deteriorate, high school students are in custody, some are injured or hospitalized. CIPF requests that instructions be given to law enforcement "So that high school students can demonstrate safely without any of them ending up on the ground".

In recent days, three high school students have been wounded in the face by police bullet throwing. Before a new day of mobilization this Friday, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, calls for calm, "With great solemnity," via a video for high school students and an email to teachers' addresses: "It is essential to call for serenity, calm and respect for people and property."

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