in his backpack an assignment with a bad grade

The 16-year-old who crashed on Monday 2 May from the balcony of her house did not make it Roma: the young woman died during the night at the polyclinic Twins, where she was hospitalized. It would be a suicide linked to problems at school: this is the hypothesis currently being examined by the police. According to what emerged from the investigations, the girl was having difficulty in school performance. Difficulties and bad grades that could be at the origin of the gesture. The prosecutor has opened an investigation into the death of the girl for instigating suicide and will give the assignment for the autopsy.

The reconstruction

According to the first reconstructions of the investigators, the girl would have thrown herself from the terrace, falling into the courtyard of her condominium. To find her bleeding from head and mouth were the other condominiums, who immediately called for help: in the apartment with the young woman there was her younger brother, who however was sleeping and only realized what had happened afterwards. that the neighbors sounded the alarm. On the spot, a building in via Mattia Battistini, 118 and the carabinieri rushed. Transported in very serious conditions to the hospital, the girl was operated on urgently and then hospitalized in intensive care, but she did not survive the night. The 16-year-old stayed home on Monday morning and skipped school.

Problems at school

And it is in fact the school, with the alleged performance problems of the girl, the track on which the investigators are focusing. The carabinieri of Trastevere are investigating the matter. Over the course of Monday, the military listened to relatives and friends of the victim, who left no notes or messages. The police are also analyzing all the material found in the young woman’s backpack, including some classwork. One, from what we learn, had a bad grade. The investigators are also in contact with the school attended by the girl, for further information. The carabinieri are also sifting through chats and social profiles in search of other clues on the reasons that could have led the young woman to take her own life. But from the first investigations no other leads emerged: the investigators exclude for now that the girl was a victim of bullying.

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