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In Israel, Netanyahu in charge of forming a coalition

The Prime Minister, renewed, should take back his partners hard right.

By Piotr Smolar Posted yesterday at 10h18

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Benyamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Rouven Rivlin in Jerusalem on 17 April.
Benyamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Rouven Rivlin in Jerusalem on 17 April. RONEN ZVULUN / REUTERS

They do not like each other, it's a little bit of saying it. But Réouven Rivlin and Benyamin Netanyahu complied with the protocol on Wednesday (April 17th). As imposed by the results of the parliamentary elections held eight days earlier, the Israeli head of state told the outgoing prime minister to form a new government, in order to exercise his fifth term.

But he took the opportunity to administer a civic and political lesson. "The iron wall must be between us and our enemies, not inside our house, not between us," said Réouven Rivlin, who has been in turmoil for years among Israelis, with a dangerous polarization fanned by his own side. And to add: "We" and "them", it's over. From now on, it's just "we". The time has come to stop fighting "them" and to find faith in "us". "

According to the final result of the vote, the Likud came in equal (35 deputies each) with Bleu Blanc, the agglomeration of three parties led by Benny Gantz. But only Mr. Netanyahu had the capacity to form a majority of at least 61 seats out of 120. The one that is emerging would be composed of 65 members, who supported his candidacy for the position of prime minister. Mr. Netanyahu has twenty-eight days, plus a possible extension of fourteen others, to conclude a government agreement.

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On April 15 and 16, President Réouven Rivlin welcomed representatives from all parties. For the first time, their interviews were filmed. One way for the Head of State to answer the suspicions of his own Likud colleagues on his alleged intention to obstruct the appointment of Mr. Netanyahu. He thus defined the scope of his intervention: "It is the citizens themselves who choose the prime minister. They are sovereign. "

"Success story"

However, in the face of representatives of Bleu Blanc, Réouven Rivlin has formulated another hypothesis that a government built on an alliance with the far right and ultraorthodox, as it looms. He called out to Benny Gantz's relatives: "If you were invited to join a government led by someone you did not recommend, for the sake of the Israeli system and its various tribes and components, and if this offer was made to you without preconditions, would you study it? you? " The answer was formulated politely by Gabi Ashkenazi, former Chief of Staff, according to whom "Current political circumstances" do not allow it.


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