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In Italy, two twins are born … with two months apart

PINK NOTEBOOK – In December, an Italian pregnant with twins gave birth prematurely to one of them. As the medical team managed to keep the placenta intact, the second baby continued to grow.

Alessandro and Andrea are twins. But the two babies were born with two months apart: the first was born in 2018, the other in 2019. One is Capricorn, the other is Poisson.

This unusual story comes from Italy. In Lodi, Lombardy, a 40-year-old mother had to be hospitalized urgently in December 2018: she had given birth on 24 d'Alessandro, an 800-gram premature baby under 6 months (24 weeks). His chances of survival were then only 50%, says the Italian newspaper Corriere della serra.

Thanks to the medical team, the placenta remained intact and the other twin was able to continue growing in her mother's womb. The story, very complicated from a medical point of view, had a happy ending when 60 days later, Andrea, 3 kilos, was born at 33 weeks (8 months).

"The whole family is well, it should be out in a few days," said Thursday to AFP the head of the "Foundation for the Child and His Mother" of the city of Monza (near Milan), which manages the maternity. "This is the first time we have seen such a case," she said.

The two twins paradoxically do not have the same age, which has puzzled the administrative services at the time of writing the birth certificate of the first, tells the father. "Must we write that it is the twin of another who is not yet born?", They asked themselves.



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