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In Jelgava, the business incubator will also receive talking hand disinfection stands / Article

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At the reception last autumn, the Jelgava Business Incubator received 50 applications for business ideas, but this year there are many more interested people. For the first time before the incubation program, six representatives of the diaspora have also applied to develop their business ideas. Among the beneficiaries of the Jelgava Business Incubator are also talking hand disinfection stands.

Despite the fact that during the pandemic, the Jelgava Business Incubator is rare, the silence here is quite conditional. Entrepreneurship is developing and even during this time the interest in getting into “business shoes” has increased.

“Overall, both turnover and exports have grown, of course, not as fast as we had expected, but in any case, despite the pandemic, the volume has developed and the number of applications is very similar. It’s hard to explain where its total Is there any collation between the pandemic and the number of applications, but the facts show that applications are growing, entrepreneurs are developing and its dynamics is quite positive, “said Nikita Kazakevičs, head of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) Jelgava Business Incubator.

Of the 88 applications, 34 were in support of the incubation program. The company, which has set up talking hand sanitizers, is among the seven participants in the competition, with more than four participants for one place.

“The first impression was that we would create it in 2-3 weeks, but unfortunately the end result was not so fast, and it took us half a year to get to where we are today. The speed is important now that we can in this market. enter.

We believe that both the incubator’s contacts and the network of partners will be able to help us with exports, “said Vilnis Krauze, co-owner of SIA Lifetech Solutions.

The time of the pandemic has also sparked various other business ideas. Thus, the former speed skater has started the production of longboards to encourage people to move properly after sitting at computer screens for a long time. The company, established two years ago, can now call itself an exporter, but the support of the incubator is needed to double the volumes and purchase new production equipment.

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“We want to use much better and more environmentally friendly raw materials, which we are currently working on, which is related to hemp fibers and recyclable plastics. We currently produce boards from Latvian birch,” said Tomass Bakēvics, owner of SIA “Migla Boards”.

The pre-incubation program has enrolled 20 applicants, who for the first time this year have been joined by six representatives of the diaspora from different countries.

Former Riga resident Anta Apkinare, who lives in Turkey, has also applied for participation in the pre-incubation program. Anta has worked in a variety of jobs, including at a fruit trading company, but has now set up her own fruit pitai greenhouse.

“The fruit of a dragon, so we could translate it into Latvian. I was very attracted to it because it was pink, but the inside was white with such white seeds,” said the future entrepreneur, Turkish Latvian Anta Apkinare.

Anta could not return to Latvia at all, but she could spend at least four months a year in her native country with her family. Latvia is also planned as one of the places to deliver its products.

“The first thought was that I could find contacts in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and export mainly to Scandinavian countries, where customers are educated about such exotic fruits, they know their value,” added the future entrepreneur.

The next admission to the business incubator will be in the autumn, but in order for the diaspora participants to be able to start for the next program, they will have to register their company in Latvia.

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