In Kurgan, the child contracted a dangerous disease by eating fish from a local supermarket. There is no necessary medicine in Russia

In Kurgan, the child contracted a dangerous disease by eating fish from a local supermarket.  There is no necessary medicine in Russia

Medicines for opisthorchiasis in Russia are no longer for more than six months Photo: Alexander Elizarov © URA.RU In Kurgan, the mother of a child who contracted opisthorchiasis had to look for a cure for the disease through “kind people”, as there is no medicine in pharmacies and hospitals. The Kid fell ill after eating a river fish purchased at a local supermarket. As Elena’s mother told “URA.RU”, the child got into the Kurgan infectious diseases hospital in December of last year with the diagnosis “acute tonsillitis”. During the treatment in the analysis of the baby they found eggs of the parasite of the fluke – it became clear that the child had opisthorchiasis. “We were discharged in January, I thought that it could be easily cured. But then I learned that from the disease only biltricide helps. There are many analogues – however, as the doctors said, albendazole does not really treat opisthorchiasis, and chlorosil, according to the instructions, goes only with complex treatment, “the agency interlocutor explained. After my mother I went to the infectious hospital again, but she was informed there that the biltricide would arrive only in February, then in the middle of March, after – in the beginning of April. At the specified time the drug was not available on sale. “In despair I wrote a post on social networks, kind people responded and helped. Now we are preparing, treating and recovering. It’s very difficult to go through all this, “Elena added. Practical all river fish in the Kurgan region is infected with dangerous parasites Photo: Vladimir Zhabrikov © URA.RU In the regional infectious diseases hospital “URA.RU” confirmed that there is a problem with biltricid – there is none in Russia at all. “Patients with such a disease come to us every day. The only way out is to wait, since there is no drug in the country since October last year, and there is no alternative with proven effect. Tentatively, the medicine will appear in June-July this year, “the head doctor Igor Zhuravsky told the agency. According to him, patients should not be afraid of complications, if they did not appear at the very beginning of the disease. According to open data, interruptions in the supply of bilricide occurred due to the production delays at the site of the pharmaceutical company Bayer in Germany. In conversation with the correspondent of “URA.RU” Elena also clarified that her child contracted parasites by eating crucian carp, which was bought in the supermarket “Metropolis”. At the time of publication of the material, representatives of the popular product network “URA.RU” could not be reached. As the agency said the main veterinarian of the Kurgan, Vladimir Vladimirov, all products of this kind are examined and must be accompanied by veterinary documents. However, the check can not completely prevent the opisthorchiasis. “It could be that in a large batch – for example, three tons – one contaminated specimen was caught, and it was the buyer who acquired it. It should be remembered that practically all fish, especially river fish, are poor in the reservoirs of the Kurgan region due to opisthorchiasis. In order to protect themselves, consumers need to roast it well and boil it, “the interlocutor noted. According to the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor, in the first quarter of 2018, 18 people became infected with opisthorchiasis in the region. This is lower than last year’s figure – then for the same period, 38 cases of the disease were identified.

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