For several days, Kursk will host events where the Kurds will be able to test their health. They will pay attention to the problems of skin oncology and hypertension.
So, in the Department of the PRF at Mirnya, 20 all who wish on May 22 from 10.00 to 14.00 will be able to measure blood pressure free of charge, determine the saturation of blood with oxygen, harmful impurities in the exhaled air, learn about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and prevention of hypertension. Visitors will receive memos, booklets, leaflets on the rules for measuring blood pressure, measures to prevent the occurrence of hypertensive crisis, heart attack and stroke.
In addition, from 21 to 25 May in the Railway Hospital starts the campaign “Week of diagnosis Melanoma.” This disease is often called skin cancer. Doctors say that being under the open sun, and even more so in a solarium, increases the chances of the appearance of the disease, which means that there are very many at risk. To register for a free appointment with a dermatovenereologist or a doctor-oncologist, you can call +7 (4712) 55-20-58 .

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