In Latvia, BMW has become the leader in the ‘premium’ segment for the 15th year in a row

For the 15th year in a row, BMW has maintained its leading position in the “premium” segment of new cars. In 2021, 582 new BMW cars were registered in Latvia, which is a new record and has allowed to significantly increase the market share.

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BMW has been the best-selling premium car brand in Latvia since 2007, and new sales records were set last year. If before the pandemic in 2019 509 new BMWs reached Latvian customers, then in 2020 there was a decrease to 432 units. It should be noted, however, that the overall market decline in 2020 was 26%, compared to only 15% for BMW. Last year, BMW in Latvia managed not only to return to the pre-pandemic level, but to significantly exceed it by registering 582 new vehicles.

This result allowed BMW to rise to the seventh best-selling passenger car manufacturer in Latvia, while also significantly increasing its dominance in the “premium” segment. While in 2019 and 2020 the market share of the BMW premium segment was just under 30%, in 2021 it increased to a significant 36.7%. While the growth of the entire premium segment was 6% last year, BMW’s growth compared to 2020 was an impressive 35%.

The BMW 1 Series (Compact), BMW 3 Series (Medium), BMW 5 Series (Large) and BMW X5 (Medium SUV) took the lead in the Premium segment in their respective classes. It should be noted that the BMW X5 was a convincing leader not only among the premium models, but in the entire class. Thus, every fifth new SUV in Latvia in 2021 was a BMW X5.

According to the Auto Association’s classification, the compact SUV class covers a very wide range of models, but here, too, BMW has managed to become a leader in the premium segment with the “X1”, “X2”, “X3”, “X4” and “iX” models. .

This year, the sporty and exclusive BMW “M” series vehicles have entered the streets of Latvia – the completely new “M4” and “M5”. It is also important to emphasize the continuing popularity of the BMW i3 in the used car market – the number of the first BMW electric cars on Latvian roads now exceeds the mark of 400 cars, making it by far the most popular electric car in Latvia.

Dmitry Zelenin, director of BMW’s Inchcape BMW spokesman, outlines the near future of BMW and the electric car: three more fully electric vehicles will be added: the electric version of the i4, i7 and X1. In 2023, the BMW Group brands (BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce) will already have 25 fully electric models. “


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