TELEVISION – "We can love his executioner, you know." This Friday, November 2, Stéphane Bern was the guest of the show "Le Divan", broadcast on France 3 and presented by Marc-Olivier Fogiel. And on this occasion, the animator has long looked back on his childhood and his education, as well as on the difficult relationship he had with his family, especially his mother. Beside a gifted brother in advance of two classes, bachelor 15 years and admitted to the École Polytechnique to 17, the host recalls a childhood made painful by the look on him by his mother. "She spoke to me like family idiot," says Stéphane Bern. A translator who spoke seven languages ​​but was also sick with a violent form of diabetes that eventually prevailed in her complications, "she was very demanding with herself, and so was she with others." I do not remember a dinner where I was not punished, deprived of dessert, "he says, stating that he went to the bakery after meals to buy a sweet with his pocket money, and that's why he grew up during childhood. "When I was going to throw myself into my mother's arms, she would say, 'Oh Stéphane, listen, no effusion.' When you do not know what tenderness is, you can not miss it. do everything to deserve your mother's love. "Despite the slaps and notes, Stéphane Bern was" not unhappy "He continues:" Since your mother tells you that you will only have a hug if you did well your homework, if you did it right, did it well, well you do it all right, and finally you try to do everything right, except that as you are less successful than your brother, you do not necessarily have the hug. " Moved, Stéphane Bern also tells how he and his brother were rated daily by their parents. "According to our driving notes, we had our pocket money, and I had money …" It was finally by this imposing and unattractive mother – that he "always loved, never hated "- Stéphane Bern explains the fact of never having wanted to get married. "It is vaccinating you … A mother who is so castrating, you cut her off … A mother so powerful, so luminous and at the same time who 'ate her children' … I was too loyal to her: I wanted her she looks at me, that she speaks to me, that she loves me, that she tells me that it's good … "" I was not unhappy ", relativise however the one who, if he received less a slap a day, says they have always deserved. And to explain that towards the end of the life of her mother, she finally told him that she loved him. Stéphane Bern was then 25 years old.To also see Le HuffPost:


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