In Le Havre, the Ehpad “Les Escales” files a strike notice: “Our executives are on the verge of tears”

Thursday June 23, 2022, the CGT filed a strike notice for public nursing homes in Le Havre
Thursday June 23, 2022, the CGT filed a strike notice for the public nursing homes in Le Havre “Les Escales”. (©Illustration /

The CGT union denounces “a catastrophic situation” at the Public nursing homes in Le Havre “Les Escales”. In question, the working conditions of the professionals of the six establishments concerned and “a recurring understaffing” which “endangers the residents and the carers”.

One nurse for 28 residents

According to Sandrine Gérard, general secretary of the local CGT union in Le Havre, who speaks of “suffering at work”, the union has been trying to dialogue and negotiate for several months, without being listened to by management. She assures that it happened that a single caregiver was responsible for caring for 28 residents.

We therefore filed a strike notice to denounce this situation, be it clear and in writing. This will force them to enter into discussion with us. We also informed the ARS, the Department, the Board of Directors, the Social Life Council and our deputies. They have five days. Then, we will see the arrangements we will make.

Sandrine GerardSecretary General of the Local Union of the CGT of Le Havre

“Caregivers have lost their smiles”

The strike notice will take effect from Tuesday June 28, 2022 at noon to December 31 at midnight for all establishments. “Our executives are on the verge of tears, the caregivers have lost the smile and the taste for life with the residents, indicates the document. We will not be sitting until we have immediate decisions and written agreements for the settlement officers. »

The CGT claims:

– one carer for 10 residents in a classic Ehpad
– one carer for six residents in UVE, UVA, UHR and IRIS units
– an identical workforce 7 days a week
– one IDE for 40 residents on all sites
– define the work organizations of each trade
– the agents must consult their validated schedules on the required dates, no modification possible without consultation and agreement of the agents as well as their shuttle sheet
– a technician trained on each site, as well as a multi-skilled person to compensate for absences or the carrying of heavy loads
– one hotelkeeper per unit
– a bio-cleaning service on all structures
– obligation of diploma training for governesses and the matching of grade, step and index salary
– setting up a “planning management, planware” cell to relieve the executives
– the AS bonus for all unfit agents
– financial compensation for ASH in care
– return at 7:30 am for all
– the implementation of the recommendations of the Emergence expertise of December 2021

“All projects have started or are under study”

“I hear the demands of all the staff, assures Anne Paris, director of Ehpad Les Escales. With regard to salary increases, staffing, training, management, these are demands that have existed for a very long time. I can certify that all projects have started or are under study. »

It lists in particular the establishment of a hotel team of housekeepers who will be trained, a bio-cleaning team and a structuring of the organization. The director explains the deadlines for carrying out these projects by constraints due to the calendar. Shortly after taking up his post in September 2021, the Covid returned to shake up the plans of the establishment then, “only in March, we were able to resume the dynamic that I had objectified”.

“A lot has already been done”

Anne Paris also assures that “many things have already been done in terms of human resources”, such as the creation of 15 night care assistant positions, a nurse position (already in place), a nurse coordinator in each residence (all positions are filled), the publication of all vacant positions, 50 tenured people and the creation of technical trades (painter, plumber, electrician).

However, the establishment is encountering difficulties in finding professionals, which explains, according to Anne Paris, that certain problems remain.

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