In Le Havre, the left stands up to counter Edouard Philippe

The problem with family reunions is that they are often too rare: either the opportunities are lacking or annoyances prevent everyone from being together in the photo. But on Wednesday in Le Havre, the head of the list of the left, Jean-Paul Lecoq, who came from the PCF had a golden excuse to gather his people: the match of June 28 which will oppose Edouard Philippe, candidate of the local right and incidentally Prime Minister. Enough to bring together a number of political figures, tempted by the national tinge taken by this Norman municipal election.

So, like in Aznavour’s song, “They came, they are all here” in the hope of seeing the head of government die politically. LFI deputies (François Ruffin, Clémentine Autain, Mathilde Panot), EE-LV elected officials (Damien Carême, ex-mayor of Grande-Synthe and European deputy, Senator Guillaume Gontard), PS number 2, Corinne Narassiguin, the Senator Génération · s Sophie Taillé-Polian, and communists who came to support their foal (Fabien Roussel, national secretary, Sébastien Jumel, deputy for Seine-Maritime). It takes at least that to try to tip the scales to the left. The management of the health crisis has had a very positive effect on the rating of Edouard Philippe: an Ifop poll published last week in Paris-Normandy gives the winner with 53% of the voting intentions.


On the program of the left cousin: press conference in an association hotel, walk in the city center and meeting with the nursing staff in front of the Jacques-Monod hospital. Hoping that the sun is there and the photos are beautiful.

Finally, the sky is rather mixed. No problem, Jean-Paul Lecoq sets the mood by presenting the guests. Fabien Roussel: “I never know if you are a deputy for the Nord or Pas-de-Calais.” The party founded by Benoît Hamon, who left the PS after the presidential election: “The” s “of Generation · s, I’ll tell you: it’s for” socialist “, right?” We almost forget that Lecoq has been a member of the Seine-Maritime for eight years. That’s good, it fits with its citizen list, made up of two thirds of non-inserted members. He insists on this: “I hope that the arrival of all these personalities will not be interpreted as the hand of the parties to monopolize our movement.” It is also the first time in his campaign, he recalls, that national figures have been invited. Everyone sings in unison the virtues of non-partisan lists. “The regeneration of politics no longer involves the parties alone, ensures Clémentine Autain, but by integrating citizens into the electoral game. ”

Come to weigh in a local election by playing the national opposition to the macronie, while not seeming to appropriate the citizen impulse: to justify all these subtleties, one sometimes borders on fallacy. Like Fabien Roussel, the boss of the PCF: “We don’t want to meddle in a local campaign, but we can testify who the ghost candidate you have in Le Havre is.” We have known it, we have been practicing it for three years! ”


Partisan quarrels however do not go completely unnoticed. After the first round, Lecoq refused any formal alliance with environmentalists and socialists, who remained below 10% and who were refused the few places they would have liked to grab in the list in exchange for their support. Corinne Narassiguin drives the point home: “We would have liked this beautiful gathering to be done differently, by a merger of the two lists.” Number 2 (PS) of the ex-competing list, not resentful, however, made an appearance at the press conference.

Among the Greens, the pill seems to pass less easily. “I am not here as a representative of EE-LV”, assures Guillaume Gontard, ecological senator of Isère. “I’m here as a former local elected representative”, Damien Carême is also justified, who is drying a plenary session in Brussels for the occasion. Are his green friends aware of his presence in Le Havre? “I told them about it.”

Jean-Paul Lecoq embraie, refusing to take the blame: “It’s stupid because we started writing our program together last year . But after the European elections, they decided to go it alone. ” A lyric flight by François Ruffin makes you forget the angry subjects: “Edouard Philippe, the man of business secrets and glyphosate, it is the extinguisher of the desire for something else: beat him!”

Once the press conference is over, the family reunion splits into two: a group heads towards the Jacques-Monod hospital, another leaves for a stroll through the city center. Jean-Paul Lecoq continues the show. “Where are the women ?” he hums, noticing that he is surrounded by three male deputies. With him, François Ruffin wet the shirt, distributes leaflets, yells in front of the town hall: “And at the end who’s going to …” “To win !” complement the activists.

Nicolas Massol Special envoy to Le Havre


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