Stuttgart investigators celebrate anniversary with special case: In life and the "crime scene": Who once lies, you do not believe!


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Commissioners Lannert and Bootz have been investigating Stuttgart for ten years. But just at the anniversary "crime scene" they have only a minor role: "The man who lies" is completely told from the point of view of the main suspect, who is getting entangled in a fabric of lies. Exceptional and worth seeing!

What is it all about? It all starts with a brief witness interview: Uwe Berger was murdered and his appointment book included a date with Jacob Gregorowicz (Manuel Rubey) just hours before his death. But denies the meeting with the Stuttgart investment advisor to the commissioners Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller) and Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare), he had not seen Berger for two years. The matter seems settled.

But soon it comes out: Gregorowicz had in the past months again and again contact with the victim. Now the investigators are suspicious: What else has the family man kept secret from them? They drill down, talk to his wife Katharina (Britta Hammelstein), and repeatedly ask him to question the Bureau. And with each conversation new discrepancies arise. At some point neither the commissioners can believe after his wife Gregorowicz nor a word. Then it comes to light that he has lost a lot of money through dubious tips from Berger. And even a great lie of life no longer remains hidden …

Was Gregorowicz the culprit – or did Bergers son Linus, who has disappeared since the murder, have something to do with his father's death? When will the victim die? Uwe Berger is already dead, his murder is shown only in blurry, nightmarish sequences. "The man who lies" goes straight to the testimony of Gregorowicz ein.So many blood spatters there: The investment adviser, who has apparently brought many for their money, was stabbed. There is of course a lot of blood. Later it becomes clear: Even Bergers son Linus was in his father's house when the murder happened, because his blood is also found in the villa. Was there a deadly argument between the two? Was he himself a victim of violence? Or is he being hurt somewhere? Questions about questions the investigator duo has to resolve. This is extraordinary on "The Man Who Lies": The case was completely filmed from the perspective of a suspect. The two scriptwriters Martin Eigler and Sönke Lars Neuwöhner degrade the complete line-up of the Stuttgart "Tatort" team to minor characters. Prosecutor Alvarez (Carolina Vera) and Forensic Nika Banovic (Mimi Fiedler) have only one, two mini-appearances. And even the two commissioners are shown only as "the man who lies" experienced them in the interviews. That's how long it takes to know who the perpetrator is: It's very clear: Jakob Gregorowicz is far from being the irreproachable husband and father, as he is in the beginning. He continues to be entangled in a fine-meshed network of lies that is drawing ever more. He can not be honest with his wife Katharina.

And his lawyer and brother-in-law Moritz Ullmann (Hans Loew) quickly realizes that Jacob is not honest with him.

But whether he really is the culprit, that remains open until the very end. The most surprising moment: When it becomes clear that all the little lies of Jacob Gregorowicz were there to cover the one, big life lie …

The most outstanding actor: In this country, the Viennese actor Manuel Rubey is not yet well known. But what he delivers here in a furious one-man show is very good. He plays Jakob Gregorowicz, who completely disassembles himself and his life, who seems haunted and tortured, so convincing that one gets pity on him as a spectator. No matter what he did.

Firmness of the commissioners: They determine, they dig out evidence, they drill down, they do not let up: From the point of view of the suspect Bootz and Lannert seem like two bloodhounds, who have bitten into their victim. And all in a very calm and serene way. 10 out of 10 hardness points.

Complicating the privacy of the Commissioners of 1-10: Logically, the privacy of the Commissioners in "The man who lies" does not occur. FOCUS Online Conclusion: It is a grueling, depressing "crime scene", which the Stuttgart deliver here for their tenth anniversary. But a very good one! Video: Schlager-Star shows with jump from boat how life jackets can save lives


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