In Loiret, the end of the mask leaves teachers between relief and concern

Like the rest of the population, pupils and their teachers from Loiret also put down the masks, from this Monday, March 14.

“It will change a lot of things on a daily basis”

“We have returned to level 1 of the protocol, explains Laurianne Delaporte, from Snuipp-FSU. It is also the end of the restriction of mixing in the activitiesat recess, in the canteen: it will change a lot of things on a daily basis.” Sports activities will no longer be restricted.

Remains, to limit the epidemic, hand washing, ventilation and disinfection of premises.

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A real educational plus

“From a practical point of view, teachers in schools are quite relieved to be able to show their faces to the students. a gain for pronunciation, readinga lot goes through the look and mimicry.”

laurianne delaporte
(Co-secretary and spokesperson of the Snuipp-FSU – first degree)

“Seeing the smiles of customers again, it feels good”: wearing a mask is no longer compulsory in certain places and the Loiretans appreciate

“How not to be worried?”

On a personal note, however, “many are relieved, of course, but others are worried. How not to be? We see, especially in Indre-et-Loire, infection rates going up. The protocol remains the same if a student is positive, while we will no longer have the mask to protect us…

One point reassures her: “We have been assured that masks, gel and self-tests will continue to be provided to us by National Education”.

The concern is shared in the second degree, even if teachers who wish can keep the mask.

“We have been told from the start that the person opposite must also wear the mask for it to be effective. Telling us that we can remove it, when there is an upward tremor of the Covid, contradicts everything we have been told before.”

Olivier Lelarge
(Academic co-secretary of Snes-FSU – second degree)

“Some will continue to wear it”

If he notes the satisfaction of certain colleagues or students, “others will continue to wear it, he predicts. concern for vulnerable personnelor living with vulnerable people”.

And to note, like Laurianne Delaporte, the coincidence of dates between the announcement of the end of the mask and the entry into the campaign of Macron.

“The ferry is coming, it will be complicated in the event of an epidemic rebound. I hope he will not be disturbed by political expediency…”

Caroline Bozec