In may, a sharp increased in the number of asylum seekers who tried to enter the european union’s Foreign – Data

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In may, the EU border is illegally crossed by nearly 4300 times, which is almost three times higher than in April, according to the group, “funke digital-tv” of media.

In April, the figures dropped to the rekordzemai mark koronavīrusa of a pandemic, and during the first five months was slightly lower than in the corresponding period of the previous year.

“Frontex” in the first five months registered a 31 on the 600 illegal border-crossing cases, which is about six percent less than in the previous year.

In January-may, the most active of the migration route to Europe, was the route through Greece and Turkey, which recorded a 12-700 boundary cases, which is 28% lower than that of the previous year.

In the first five months, more that 3 700 refugees crossed the Mediterranean in the west, going from Morocco to Spain, which is less than half of the previous year.

The rest of the routes on the number of refugees was slightly higher than in the previous year.

The western route, during the five months recorded in 6900 illegal border-crossing cases, in which there is a 50% increase. While in the Mediterranean, in the central of the route recorded in the 5,500 cases that are three times higher than that of the previous year.



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