in Montpellier, wearing a mask is compulsory in certain areas of the city from August 11

After, Lozère and Carcassonne, it is now in Montpellier that wearing a mask will be compulsory outside. A decision which will take effect from Tuesday August 11 in certain districts of the city.

It is now official, from Tuesday August 11, wearing a mask will be compulsory outdoors in Montpellier. A decision taken this Sunday and announced by means of a press release:

In consultation and taking into account the evolution of the health situation and the considerable influx of the city center of Montpellier, in particular marked by the density of the flow of pedestrians and cyclists, making it impossible to respect barrier gestures or the distance of one meter between two individuals, the prefect and the mayor of Montpellier, have jointly defined certain places in which wearing a mask is compulsory for anyone from the age of 11“.

Mandatory mask in a delimited sector of the city center

But it is not everywhere that the mask will be made compulsory. In the city center of Montpellier, it must be worn in an area delimited by this map:

In addition, the mask is also imposed in other sectors:

  • in the open-air markets of the city of Montpellier
  • at all bus and tram stops served by the TAM
  • in the uncovered aisles of the Odysseum shopping center

Friday August 7, Lozère and Carcassonne also made it compulsory to wear a mask outdoors. The prefect of Lozère, Valérie Hatsch, has made it compulsory on the markets and fairs of the department. The medieval city of Carcassonne has chosen to impose it within the walls of the city.