In mysterious circumstances, a Jordanian doctor threw herself from the ninth floor in Amman and left a message before she committed suicide.

Al-Marsad newspaper: A Jordanian doctor committed suicide by throwing herself from the ninth floor of the University of Jordan Hospital in Amman.

And the Jordanian doctor tweeted, through her account on the “Twitter” website, before she jumped out of the window, saying: “Remind me of good…or even forget me.. Heck, this is forgotten.”

For his part, a Jordanian security source explained that the security services found the body of a female doctor inside the University of Jordan Hospital, and the body was transferred to the forensic medicine department to determine the cause of death, while the security services opened an investigation into the incident.

It is worth noting that the doctor, “Mirona Asfour”, born in 1997, a first-year resident of anesthesia, has always expressed her dissatisfaction with the specialty of anesthesia and preferred the specialization of women, and she always talked about her decision to end her life on social media.