In Nanterre, partial blocking divides students


Reportage at the University of Paris-Nanterre, Monday, where students opposed to the Vidal law prevented the holding of exams. To the chagrin of non-blocking students who cry out for injustice.
The world | 16.04.2018 at 16:50 • Updated 16.04.2018 at 17:01 | By Eric Nunès and Soazig the Neve

Finally, the student grabs the inverted table that blocks access to law school. The rumor immediately rumbles: ” No ! Stop him! ” Two seconds later, he retires, his attempt having failed. A voice rises from behind: “We want our partials, damn! ” The atmosphere is electric Monday, April 16, in Nanterre. It is eight o’clock, and hundreds of students have just learned that their game will not take place, because of the blockage organized for protest against the reform of access to the university.
“I did not do take a dump at work for three months to be Stopped on D-Day in front of the exam room! ” Inès, student in 3 e year of law, fulminates. The young woman, standing since 6 am pass his partials, started the day with two hours of transport network in common before failing, like several hundred of his comrades, in front of the closed doors of the building of right. In the megaphone, a leader of the movement fault explains: “We are blocking the entry because we are asking for the cancellation of our partial and their automatic validation not to penalize students as long as there is a strike. ” Hoots ensue: “Ooh! Shut up dirty leftist shit! Our partial! ”
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“In short, those who have worked and those who did nothing will have the same note … It’s not fair” , says Anaelle, in the second year of a double degree in German economics. worse, “It will completely discredit our diplomas adds Guillaume, and when we arrive at the door of a master and we will apply with our diploma of Nanterre, in competition with other students universities who will be received? ”
The blocker method is too “Radical” , according to Samadhi, in L3 of psychology: “The blockers say they fight for our interests but, in fact, they do not respect for a moment those who want to pass and get their exams. ” “They have the right to show , and we have the right to study » , testifies also Guillaume, in 1 re year of psychology.
Aligned and in solidarity with each other, dozens of students blocking the entrance to the university sing their chorus “Facs open to neighborhood children! Facs closed to private interests! ” For make lower the tension, Pascal Beauvais, co-director of the UFR of Law and science policies, asks speak in the megaphone. ” It is necessary stay calm. if you please respect the perspectives which are legitimate on both sides. The situation is delicate, it is not necessary fall in scuffles between us. ”
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In every point of campus the entrances to the buildings are barricaded with chairs and tables. Only the University Library (BU) opens at 8:30 am, draining a stream of unhappy students. “Our universities have talent! ” laughs a student in front of the BU. He joins a group of girls talking about the head of state’s TV interview the night before. “He really does not know how to talk to us, Macron slice a student. I do not say that everything needs block all the time I say we have to listen . They do not understand that in the government. I talked about it for an hour with my mother, she agreed. ”
But then, how finish and validate this year of studies? The questions fuse and remain unanswered among the students interviewed. “Partials could be postponed to summer,” is considering a student. “I worked hard to be able to get my degree now. I found an internship in a company in June, from job during the summer … I should start again? release my stage ? My job? Why ? Strangles Ines. I want to pass my partials, like three quarters of college. ”
Block the law school, a strategic operation
A little further, in front of the building reserved for continuing education, we are in full consultation. A student tries to to justify the movement among a dozen employees, including training is canceled. “My aunt, who is a professor at the Faculty of Saint-Etienne, told me that for to select , the teachers went up to watch the grades the candidate had at the college! They were good your grades in college, you? We go deprive young people to study while the university is the place where knowledge is shared. ” The exchange is courteous, but the audience is not convinced. “You are preventing us from to follow training for professional retraining. We come from the province and it costs us dearly. You are not aware of that » reproaches a woman with bitterness.
In the eyes of Yael and Adem *, the morning is a success. “Blocking access to law school and its 15,000 students is strategic” explains the first. This expands a movement hitherto confined to the UFR Phillia ( arts , letters, languages) and SSA (social sciences and administration). “Since the intervention of the CRS on April 9, nobody can to have the head to pass his partial. This is also why the teachers gathered in AG on April 12 voted for the award of a 20/20 policy for the partials » , complete Adem.
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Decided to vote continued blocking at the general meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 17 at 10 am, and to cancel all the exams scheduled for this week, the blockers deployed on campus are asking for the resignation of the president of the University, Jean-François Balaudé. “His false communication, we do not want it anymore” says Yael, referring to the call to the CRS on April 9, which the president had justified by the presence of “Unidentified individuals” which ended in seven arrests. ” It’s wrong, they are students, we know them well ” hammer the girl.
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In building E occupied night and day by 60 to 200 students, the press is not allowed to enter . “We had too many problems with distorted comments. And then we can not exhibit more Photo because we receive daily threats from fascist groups. It has become dangerous for us ” Yael explains.
She who took her first steps as a student in Nanterre as a free listener because at 18 she did not know what studies to kiss would like the open university she loves never to to close its doors to anyone. That’s the message she went carry April 13 in front of grids of several high schools. “High school students do not realize what’s coming. They are super stressed by Parcoursup and are content to scrupulously do what their teachers tell them. It’s hard for them to mobilize ” recognizes the girl.
Yaël and Adem are betting that their movement to them is “Built and unified” . “Unlike high school students, we have the means to put pressure. What we live in the building we occupy is an alternative form of education. The teachers ask us to make lists of subjects that they teach later, and we live in self-management. This gives hope to all. ”
To all, or almost. A few steps away, a student is busy with paste posters on the walls of the self-managed building. As if nothing had happened, the association of law students La Vieille de Nanterre announces the holding of its annual gala on May 18th. That evening must end the main period of partial, supposed start May 2, and whose future seems uncertain.
* The first names have been changed.


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