In New York, the Trump hangover has not yet disappeared

He compliments the athletes and gives them their medal. A week after the election, he has not yet been able to accept the result: “I am terrified of the consequences, he says. I think it is really scary, but a people choose the leader who reflects the country. And apparently that is Donald Trump. . “

His wife added: “When Trump became the official candidate for the Republicans earlier this year, my twelve-year-old son suddenly feared I would be deported.”

She is from Costa Rica, so she is an immigrant. “And Trump wants them out of the country.” She and her husband were able to reassure their son and explained to him that his mother has American nationality, so she cannot be deported.

Women’s March on Washington

While her husband brings in the latest runners, Jimenez snaps photos for the website. She has not actually been able to read anything about the results, she says. She was too busy with this race.

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