In Notre-Dame-des-Landes, a war of attrition now opposes gendarmes and zadistes


REPORT Can we talk about “stagnation” at Notre-Dame-des-Landes ? While the situation seems blocked on the ground between zadistes and the police, the authorities want to maintain the pressure, at least the time that the occupants of the ZAD who wish to be able to stay put themselves in order. Emmanuel Macron recalled Sunday that ” everything that needs to be evacuated will be “at the end of the new period of regularization, fixed at Monday 23 April. Prevent rebuilding In total, since the beginning of the operation, 11,000 grenades have been used for eight days by gendarmes, including nearly 8,000 tear, 3,000 deafening, but also other grenades deencclement, according to information from Europe 1. Monday however, the clashes were much less violent than the previous days. Indeed, the evacuation operation now enters its second phase: to prevent at all costs the zadistes from rebuilding the 29 squats evacuated and destroyed last week. In a nutshell: the goal of law enforcement is to hold the ground. So every morning, the gendarmes clear the dams back in the night, or destroy the structures and structures of wood resettled illegally. A small carousel that may last all week. A status quo. Because in the ZAD, the strategy is to hold whatever the cost . In recent hours, militants have erected new barricades and dug new ditches. “We remain determined, we rebuilt what they destroyed in the wake, there is a kind of status quo in place,” says Europe 1 Camille, pseudonym used by most of the zadistes. It is thus a battle of attrition which is set up, where the capacity of resistance of the two camps is measured: approximately 700 zadistes vis-a-vis 2,000 gendarmes, tired for some, and marked by the violence of the clashes. In the military, 77 wounded were counted, they would be twice as many among opponents, according to them. “We have never been there.” In the midst of the fields or under tents, the zadists hold meetings with a single question: what strategy to adopt? Patrick has been fighting for the ZAD for years, and for the first time, he doubts: “I’ve known him for forty years, and today he’s the big unknown, we’re cornered, we’re sometimes desperate, we’re is exhausted too, “he reports. “The wall is straight ahead: if you did not sign on the 23rd, on the 24th they broke everything in. What to do? We’re there like we’ve never been there,” he says. Towards a new operation. On the side of the Ministry of the Interior, it is ensured that there is no stagnation, and that the operations follow their normal course. While occupants of the ZAD are still there, but they are not all vocation to leave. The authorities will study the projects, on simplified forms, which can be submitted until next Monday. After that, a new gendarmerie operation will be conducted to dislodge everything that needs to be.


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