In numbers .. 3 reasons made Salah “King of England” .. And an impressive message from the Pharaoh .. And Real Madrid flirting Liverpool star


In numbers .. 3 reasons made Salah “King of England” .. And an impressive message from the Pharaoh .. And Real Madrid flirting with the Liverpool star Newspaper Our news quoting the summary we publish to you in numbers .. 3 reasons made Salah “King of England” .. And an impressive message from the pharaoh .. And Real Madrid flirting with the star of Liverpool, in numbers .. 3 reasons made Salah “King of England” .. And an impressive message from the Pharaoh .. And Real Madrid flirting with the star of Liverpool We send you our visitors New News Today through our newspaper News and start with the most important news, in numbers .. 3 reasons Salah made “King of England” .. and an impressive message from the pharaoh .. Real Madrid flirting with the Liverpool star. Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah won the English Premier League Player of the Year award at the 45th Annual English Players League. Salah won the trophy over Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva and Leroy Sani, Tottenham Hotspur striker David Dejaia and Manchester United goalkeeper David Deja. Kevin De Bruin came in second and Harry Kane came in third. Salah entered history from the widest of his doors, and became the first Egyptian player to crown the award, and the second African and Arab after the Algerian Riadh Mehrez of Leicester City. The newspaper “Akhbarna”, the reasons that favor Salah to win the most expensive prize: 1 – Premier League scorer One of the main reasons why Salah won the trophy was his 31-goal Premier League title, five goals behind Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane, who has 26 goals. 2 – Player of the month 3 times The Pharaoh won the Premiership Player of the Year Award last March, for the third time this season by the FA. The Egyptian star became the first player in the history of the league to win the prize three times in a season. He also beat the player a month by the Professional League 4 times. Momo won the Liverpool Player of the Month award six times. 3 – Salah’s record numbers The Egyptian Pharaoh offers a historic season with Liverpool, and has achieved many league records including: – The Pharaoh scored the record number of goals in a season in the English Premier League, with 38 games with 31 goals, to equalize Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan Shearer. – Just Salah Roger Hunt is the second player in the history of Liverpool scored in 23 games in one season, preceded by this figure Hunt in the 1961/1962 season. – The Egyptian Pharaoh became the third player in history to participate directly in more than 40 goals in the Premier League in one season in 38 games with 31 goals and 9 industry. – Salah is the most African player to score in the Premier League during a season, beating Ivorian Didier Drogba, who scored 29 goals in the 2009-2010 season. – Salah scored goal 41 with Liverpool in one season in all competitions, becoming the third player in the history of the team to reach this number of goals, since Roger Hunt (1961-1962) and Ian Rush (1983-1984 and 1986-1987). – The Egyptian star advanced in the Golden Boot race, beating Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, who has 29 goals. – The Pharaoh became the eighth player in the history of the English Premier League to reach the barrier of 30 goals in a season. – Cristiano Ronaldo and Robin van Persie have been broken as the first player in 23 different league games (Ronaldo scored 21 times in the 2007-08 season) and Van Persie with the same number of matches (2012-13), both with Manchester United, during a 38-round season). – He became the first English Premier League player to score 41 goals in all competitions during a season, and only surpassed Ronaldo in the 2007-2008 season, with a goal difference. – He is the second fastest player in the history of Liverpool to reach 31 goals in the league, in 33 games, (the English player George Allen was the only one who preceded “Salah”, achieving this figure, scoring 30 goals in 31 games only in 1896). – The Pharaoh participated in 40 goals with Liverpool in 33 Premier League matches (31 + 9 assists), beating Andrew Cole and Alan Shearer with Newcastle and Dwight Yorke with Manchester United. Comment Effect of Salah “I was honored to win the prize, especially when it came from my fellow players,” Salah said on the podium. “Since my first day in Premier League I have been aiming to be successful, I am very happy with this award and I am happy with my teammates and I hope to continue the successful course of the Champions League.” “I came back as a different player, but I did not get the chance at Chelsea and I got it in Liverpool. I have scored 31 goals so far. I hope to break the record by scoring the most goals in the lowest number of matches. “He said. “I play for the team, I give a lot of assists, I play for the team and I do not play for myself, and here I thank my colleagues and coaches. Without them, I would not be here, they give me the opportunity to score goals.” On Rome’s upcoming semi-final in the Champions League, he said: “Facing Rome is something special. The overall atmosphere at Anfield is very wonderful. I am excited to meet my friends in Rome, whom I still respect and respect.” Real Madrid flirts with Pharaoh Meanwhile, the Daily Express newspaper reported that Real Madrid are preparing a bid for the Liverpool management, amounting to £ 123 million, in addition to giving up one of their players to the Reds to join the Egyptian Pharaoh next season. The Spanish media, has indicated that Liverpool, closed the file transmission of his Egyptian star, next summer. The Spanish newspaper AS reported that the Liverpool administration had sent an explicit message to the Royal Club, consistently Salah with Raides, after the Egyptian star recently appeared in the promotional campaign for the new team next season. The newspaper pointed out that the advertising campaigns revealed by clubs for the new T-shirts always carry a lot of evidence about the plans of the club in the new seasons, and the emergence of Salah in the campaign is an explicit message to the management of the Real forget about the contract. The English media have revealed that the management of Liverpool is taking the first official move to prevent the departure of Salah, after several reports indicated the desire of more than a club, to get his services during the summer transfer. The newspaper “Mirror” British that the management of the Reds decided to raise the salary of Salah weekly, to 200 thousand pounds sterling, becoming the highest salary in the team, bypassing the defender Van Dyke, who receives 180 thousand pounds, in preparation for the rejection of any offers to include, whatever the material. Liverpool’s contract with Momo runs until 2022, while he currently receives a weekly salary of £ 90,000. 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