In order to limit sexual harassment online, Instagram wants to block unsolicited sexual photos

The Verge, a site specializing in new technologies, revealed that Instagram was working on a new feature to protect its users from sexual harassment. This is indeed a very widespread phenomenon that particularly affects young women on social networks. In order to limit the problem, Instagram would like to set up a device called “Nudity protection” allowing its users to choose whether or not to display photos of body parts sent by a third party.

This innovation aims to complement the Hidden words functionality, which blocks private messages with offensive or abusive content.

In both cases, Meta specifies that the tools are optional and that the user is free to choose the messages he can receive. Thus, unwanted photos and messages will only be blocked if he decides to activate the protection.

This new project raises concerns about data protection. A spokesperson for the company assured that privacy will be guaranteed. Still in the experimental phase, other information should follow in the coming months.