A Pakistani court overturned the death sentence for blasphemy for a woman of the Christian faith. Reports about it "BBC".

Asia Noreen, known as Asia Bibi, was released after eight years in prison. Now she plans to leave Pakistan with her family, fearing the wrath of Islamic fundamentalists.

The Supreme Court in Islamabad found her innocent, but supporters of cruel punishment for blasphemy once again staged protests demanding to execute a woman.

Norin came to trial in 2010 after a quarrel with her neighbors. Muslim women, with whom she collected fruits, refused to drink from a bucket of water, from which she drank. A squabble ensued, during which, on the charge of neighbors, Norin made three offensive remarks against the Prophet. Then she was beaten near her own house, then she was arrested.

The woman denied her guilt in blasphemy for all eight years that lasted the trial of her case. Whenever a hearing was held, a crowd of activists gathered around the court building, demanding the execution of Bibi Asia.

Persecution for blasphemy is widely supported by the people of Pakistan. Critics of cruel punishment within the framework of this norm say that it is often used as a means of revenge in personal conflicts, and the charges are sometimes based on very weak evidence. Nevertheless, Pakistani politicians often maintain a severe punishment for disrespecting the faith in order to remain popular with the electorate.

As the BBC writes, the state has never executed those convicted of blasphemy, but many of the defendants under this article were eventually killed or became victims of mob trial.

In 2011, the governor of the Punjab province, Salman Tazir, was shot dead in Islamabad. The motive for the murder was his critical attitude to the law of blasphemy and the offer to pardon Asia Bibi.

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