In patrol with the police of the daily version gendarmerie


Municipal police and gendarmes reinforce their cooperation for the PSQ./ Photo DDM.

The brigade community of the Gendarmerie Montech launched a month ago the Security Police of the daily newspaper (PSQ). We went to the Verdun – sur – Garonne market to follow one of these patrols, consisting of a policeman and an intercommunal policeman, united against crime.

“The PSQ is a return to fundamentals,” said Lieutenant Ludovic Lafage, commander of the Montech Brigade Community (26 gendarmes, 17 communes and 32,000 inhabitants). “The PSQ, I love it. We take the time to talk with people, “adds a young soldier driving the car. Here we are in Verdun-sur-Garonne, where the brigade is open four half days a week. It’s Friday morning, market day. A mixed patrol composed of a policeman and an intercommunal policeman walks the streets and the market place. This is a so-called “contact patrol”. Its role is to exchange with the inhabitants, the tradesmen, the elected officials, the heads of companies, the leaders of associations …
A wave of thefts at the trailer
Freed from many tasks, including administrative tasks, which cut down on his priority missions, the Constable collects information that does not necessarily fall within the scope of criminal offenses, neighborhood problems, family conflicts, parking … “Coordination with the police intermunicipal is also interesting. They bring us their good knowledge of the people and the terrain, the proximity, the contact … “, explains the young gendarme who benefits from being on the market to distribute a prospectus giving valuable advice against the thefts in the trailer. It must be said that a dozen offenses of this type have been committed in recent weeks in the sector. “They have a higher competence than ours. And then they have the judicial qualification that we do not have. It’s good to patrol together, “said Emilie, police inter-communal. The latter received at this moment a call: a tractor is declared stolen in Bourret. Beside her, the policeman immediately draws his smartphone with Néogend which gives him access to all the files. “We’ll see,” he said. After last exchanges on the market, the patrol went then to Bourret, to try to know a little more about this business of tractor.
For the Montech Brigade, the PSQ resulted in the establishment of patrols composed of a constable and a municipal policeman, as in Verdun-sur-Garonne, or an active policeman and a reservist. , elsewhere. For now, no reinforcement has been planned. the lieutenant does so with the manpower he has at hand. “I divided the territory of my brigade into nine sectors and I release during the day a patrol that is only the PSQ, which goes closer to the population,” says the Lieutenat Lafage.


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