News In Pau, Emmanuel Macron coaxes François Bayrou

In Pau, Emmanuel Macron coaxes François Bayrou


Happy who like François Bayrou receives the Head of State. This Tuesday morning, at the Palais Beaumont, the boss of the MoDem is sporting a solar smile. The presence of Emmanuel Macron on the same platform as him is no stranger to this sparkling mood. Officially, the president is there to participate in a round table on ecology in the territories. But in reality, it is a support operation which takes place before the eyes of an audience of local elected representatives and parliamentarians.

If he feared being kept at a distance because of his problems with the law, the mayor of Pau can reassure himself. For the first time since his indictment in the investigation into the fictitious employment of assistants to the European Parliament, the president has very publicly displayed at his side. As a shark, François Bayrou did not shy away from his pleasure.

The improbable electoral scenario of Biarritz has been tackled

“The last time a president came to Pau, you were seven years old. It was François Mitterrand. I can tell you simply that your choice to come to our city is for us full of meanings. I will not dwell on the friendly meaning, but it does exist. It is very important to me, ”he thanked.

At the end of this speech, the president applauded him, the two men even exchanged a friendly little kiss. Emmanuel Macron then discovered "Fébus", the hydrogen bus line put into service last month.

During these two days in Pau, the two men had other opportunities to exchange. We also discussed the incredible electoral scenario that is taking shape in Biarritz, with the clash of two ministers. That of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume, left to challenge Michel Veunac, the outgoing mayor (MoDem) with the support of Secretary of State Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. François Bayrou also invited neighbor Michel Veunac who had the opportunity to exchange with Emmanuel Macron. "I said what I had to say," he dodges, full of mystery. "The president has a lot of respect for him, he knows the risks he took with the G7," says a close friend of Emmanuel Macron.


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