In Peñón Blanco they invite you to perform self-examination to detect breast cancer – El Sol de Durango

PEÑÓN BLANCO DGO. (OEM) .- The Directorate of the Municipal Institute for Women (IMM) of the municipality of Peñón Blanco, Durango, in coordination with the State Secretariat of Health, urges society in general to carry out self-examination to detect cancer of the mother.

The director of the IMM, Sandra Rodríguez announced that the conference “I act against cancer” was held, in which the psychologist José Daniel Guevara participated, in which it was highlighted that breast cancer can be curable with a timely detection and treatment.

“The purpose of these works is to call for awareness, self-exploration, to have a mammogram every year, to overcome those fears of going to the doctor to detect breast cancer in time,” said Daniel Guevara, who reiterated the difference between detecting it in time and curing it, not self-exploration and losing life.

The specialist assured that there are two types of fears, the one that paralyzes you, and the one that invites you to take care of yourself, “which gives us the importance of knowing the prevention and detection actions in time, and thus we can defeat breast cancer.”

This conference was attended by women from the municipal administration, who were invited to perform breast self-examination on a monthly basis, go to the medical unit for a clinical check-up, and from the age of 40 to undergo a mammogram. importance of these campaigns, not only in this month of October, but throughout the year, inviting the population to attend these actions of prevention and timely detection of breast cancer.