In Peru, the Castillo candidate “did not water down his leftist speech” – Liberation


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The political scientist Arthur Morenas deciphers the stakes of the second round of the presidential election, which opposes the conservative Keiko Fujimori on Sunday to the teacher Pedro Castillo.

Arthur Morenas is coordinator of the Andean pole of the Institute of the Americas and a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Strasbourg. From Lima, he analyzes the keys to the second round of the presidential election.

Despite the scandals affecting his family and an indictment for corruption, Keiko Fujimori finds himself for the third time in ten years in the second round of the presidential election. How to explain it ?

We must first compare its result in the first round with that obtained in the previous presidential election, in 2016. It went from 39.9% of the vote to 13.4%, it is a vertiginous drop. It finds itself in the second round due to the extreme fragmentation of the political landscape. Her result is explained by her strategy to claim the legacy of her father, former president Alberto Fujimori, while in 2016, she had instead sought to stand out. She thus gathered a section of the electorate nostalgic for the authoritarian policy of the father, in the l…


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