In photos, Cameron Diaz’s daughter: 2-year-old Raddix is ​​such a cute kid – World Star

Cameron Diazsince retiring from acting, has centered on her private life, having become parents with her husband, Benji Madden, in December 2019.

Their little girl, Raddix, was born to a mother-in-law, and the star couple revealed nothing about the woman’s identity.

Cameron is the daughter of Diaz

Sometimes the photographers manage to capture the family, the following shot was taken of the little girl and her father at the end of May, they were captured at one of the supermarkets. The two-year-old girl already has beautiful long hair.

Celebrating her 50th birthday in August, the actress had previously lived her career, but at the age of forty came the turning point. He realized he was in fact controlled by others, which he began to oppress, longing for freedom.

If you do something at a high enough level for a long time, after a while you have to hand over part of your life to others. At the age of about forty, I woke up to the fact that I hadn’t dealt with anything in several areas of my life and I wasn’t in control. I longed to be my own master, nowadays I create my daily routine myself, he said in the Hart to Heart show.

She fell in love with it in 2015 and then went to the Good Charlotte musician, and their child was born four years after their wedding. It was announced on Instagram that they had become parents, which surprised the whole world.


Diaz retired in 2014, has a company that sells vegan wines, but most of all, his family. She feels fortunate to have been able to experience motherhood for over forty years.

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“I worked very hard to be a mother, and I feel lucky to finally have time with and be with my child now,” she said at the Kelly Clarkson Show in May 2022.

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