IN PICTURE: “Are they driving this way? Then we’ll close it too! ”Žižkov is furious about another repair

TSK announced on the website that it would divide the repair into two stages. During the first one, the section Basel Square – Koněvova will be completely closed until 19 August. “The next stages will follow in coordination with the work on Koněvova Street and the dates will be specified,” said spokeswoman Barbora Lišková.

According to the city society, the lives of the locals should improve when completed. “By laying the so-called quiet asphalt and leveling the canals, we assume a reduction in noise around this road by 3 to 5 decibels,” Lišková explained.

Žižkov City Hall claims that it learned about the reconstruction from representatives of the capital only this week. According to Prague 3, the TSK action was initiated due to a fine that Prague received from a hygienic station for postponing noise reduction on Želivského Street.

“According to the representatives of the capital, it is not possible to postpone this event and it is most appropriate to implement it now during the holidays. Silent asphalt for technological reasons cannot be laid in the winter and the postponement for next year means the threat of further fines from hygiene for the capital, “writes the information center of the city district on the official Facebook page.

Public transport will not touch the deadline

Prague 3 mentions that great complications can be expected for motorists, because a detour route leads through Jana Želivského Street during the reconstruction of “Koněvky” – both roads are usually very busy and form the arteries of Žižkov. The closure of the nearby Malešická Street has also been extended.

“The detour route for individual car traffic is led by Ambrožova, Jeseninova and Na Vápence streets. To better maintain the flow of traffic, part of the traffic restriction is the modification of traffic lights at the intersection of Koněvova and Na Vápence streets, to increase the intensity of turning left from Na Vápence street to Koněvova street, “describes TSK, where to avoid the planned restriction.

Road repairs will not disrupt public transport, as trams (and buses) will continue to run in both directions on the tracks. Drivers from Koněvova towards Basel Square will also pass through the section.

There are many outraged comments on social networks addressing the municipality, saying that the ongoing work is going slowly and now it is going to be another one for more than two weeks.

Žižkov jokes: Will we pack helicopters?

Žižkovští jokes that they should pack helicopters – which is quite apt due to the dug sidewalks in Biskupcova Street. One of the discussants wrote that the current situation reminded her of a joke: “Yeah, they still drive this way? Well, let’s close it there too! ”Others are more serious about the fact that the noise is generated more by passing trams and drivers who do not observe the prescribed speed of 30 kilometers per hour – more than a long reconstruction would help the radar. According to information from Pražský deník, Prague 3 unsuccessfully applied to the municipality for this solution.

One of the residents even wrote out of anger on the Facebook profile of the mayor’s deputy Adam Scheinherr (Prague himself): “The detour is led through the narrow streets of Žižkov through the depot. With this step, you condemn the inhabitants of a quiet part of Žižkov to a completely insane burden, for which the noise fine should be a hundredfold. Do you plan to repair roads at all centrally and logically, or does TSK do what it deems appropriate? ”

In the first hours of the deadline, hard work was done on site. Some drivers shortened their way along the tram tracks. And especially Ambrožova Street has become – in contrast to the usual state – a busy location.



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