In Poland, a light engine with a deputy of the Rada from the Radical Party


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When approaching the landing at the airport “Yasenka” in the town of Ryashiv, Van’s RV-10 light-engine aircraft registered in Ukraine crashed. As a result of the emergency, three citizens of Ukraine were on board, one of them was taken by helicopter to the hospital in Ryashiv.

As it turned out, a 43-year-old Yury Chizhmar, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, is in serious condition (according to the estimates of Polish doctors). His counterpart in the faction of the Radical Party, Igor Mosiychuk, recalled that Chizhmar had previously worked as head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration. After the election in 2010, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Chizhmar became deputy governor of the most prosperous in the republic of the Kiev region.

Companions of Oleg Lyashko, the leader of the Republic of Poland, “pray for the speedy recovery” of Yuri Vasilievich.

Ex-adviser to the chairman of the SBU Markiyan Lubkivsky corrected Mosiychuk, they say, in the town of Rzeszow no one knows about any incident in the airport there.


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