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In praise of his wife .. Khaled Youssef: Shalimar beloved and friendly support and good for me .. Photos

"The bond, the beloved, the mother, the sister and the friend," said Khaled Youssef, his wife, world-renowned artist Shalimar Sharbatly, which serves as a "romantic moment." The scenes that brought the couple together in humanitarian situations reflected mutual love In addition, the couple expressed their respect for each other in numerous interviews and TV interviews, by recounting their long love story since the first meeting, with pride.

In recognition of his strong relationship with his wife and the mother of his daughter, Shalimar Sharbatly, in praise of the wife who represents his beloved wife and sister, Khaled Youssef, and his wife Shalimar Sharbatly, But also the mother, to endure all the tribulations of his family.

"I have never spoken and never published my own affairs, but I am driven by loyalty. I have to express my gratitude to this lady, whom I loved and married, and from which we have given birth to a girl, I invite my Lord to bless her. I am talking about Shalimar Sharbatly," said Khaled Youssef, .

In a speech in which he contradicted the pivotal role of his wife Shalimar, in his life that was his best and most supportive, director Khaled Yusuf said, "The reason for gratitude is that this great lady has never been subjected to any hardship or challenge or anything we are exposed to because of fate, And has always been to me beloved, wife, friend and sister, and even the mother at times, and did not enable any machinations of the Nile from our marital relationship.

"I will defend this relationship and that house by all means and I will make everyone put his hand in a day soon on all the details and threads of the conspiracy because of my positions that paid their taxes and insist that I pay more every day".

In an earlier statement by Khaled Yousif, with the seventh day, he revealed for the first time in detail the story of his love with his wife Shalimar Sharbatli, how she wins it in all differences and discussion on any subject, and its response to the rumors and leaks that he said "compound" Saying "Shalimar by saying that Jose is working for me as long as Mbsout."

And the plastic artist Shalimar Sharbatly, was chosen in 2000 as one of the top 100 personalities who influenced the arts and culture in Jeddah before becoming one of the most famous artists in Saudi Arabia. In 2015, she was among 450 artists from all over the world. The Louvre in France, as well as its inauguration in February 2016, was a Goodwill Ambassador for its contribution to support humanitarian issues and civil society service.

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