In Pushchino, the legendary medicine from the 80s, forgotten for many years, will be revived

It will help get rid of many serious ailments.

A drug that has the effectiveness of antibiotics, but not addictive – is this not a dream of mankind?

Scientists from the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms named after G.K. are ready to carry it out. Scriabin. They are finishing work on a modern analogue of the drug, invented at the institute in the 80s and proved to be in the fight against a wide range of diseases of a bacterial nature. It was called "Lizoamidase" and was used in the treatment of purulent wounds and burns, sepsis, in dentistry, gynecology, even in veterinary medicine.

Production of the drug was interrupted during the perestroika years, since then the technology has been lost. The drug is based on the special enzyme lysozyme, which is also found in human saliva and tears. It is able to destroy the cells of pathogenic bacteria without harming the body. The main advantage of the drug compared with antibiotics is the lack of development of bacterial resistance to its action.

According to scientists, the new version of Lizoamidase will be even more effective than the previous one, because it can be used not only externally, but also in the form of injections. On the shelves of pharmacies, the drug should appear after the completion of all clinical trials. If everything goes well, it will happen in two to three years.

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